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There are three levels available in the Simple Fitness Habit program. All levels are self-study programs that are done at your pace, and you can start as soon as you purchase access to the product.

Compare features and prices:

Live Off Your Passion bonus (ebook only)NoYesYes

Feature Silver Gold Platinum
Access to all articles/videos Yes Yes Yes
Length of access 3 months 4 months 6 months
Accountability forums Yes Yes Yes
Tracking spreadsheets No Yes Yes
Fitness Habits Bonus PDF No Yes Yes
Marathon Roadmap Bonus Ebook No Yes Yes
Monthly expert webinars No Yes Yes
Bi-monthly Ask the Experts feature No No Yes
Price $47 $67 $97

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Please be sure to click Return to Simple Fitness Habit after paying with a credit card, to complete registration. You won’t be registered if you don’t finish the process! You can also pay with Paypal, though you do not need a Paypal account to pay with a credit card.

Details on Features

  1. Access to all articles/videos: All three plans come with access to the program content for a specific amount of time from when you buy the program. The articles & videos are what you see in the left sidebar, though more content will be added on a regular basis.
  2. Length of access: Each plan comes with a time-limit for access to the content (3 months for Silver, 4 months for Gold, 6 months for Platinum). You can save articles, recipes and videos during that time if you like. Any new content put on the site while you have access will be available to you (except the Ask the Expert feature, which is for Platinum level only).
  3. Accountability forums: All levels have access to forums we’ve set up to give you the ability to stay accountable for your habits. You can discuss the program content, any issues you’ve been facing, and join the monthly challenges for accountability. The forums are for the program users (you), and while we will have moderators, we don’t make any promises that the experts will be on the forums answering questions.
  4. Tracking spreadsheets: We’ve created spreadsheets for you to use to keep track of diet & exercise plans you choose during the course. Available to Gold & Platinum members.
  5. Fitness Habits Bonus PDF: Leo Babauta has created a mini-ebook called “The 7 Fitness Habits That Changed My Life” … it will include his key habits, along with some key habits of other experts. Available to Gold & Platinum members.
  6. Marathon Roadmap Bonus Ebook: Matt Frazier of No Meat Athlete has generously agreed to share his ebook on marathon training as a bonus for all Gold & Platinum members.
  7. Live Off Your Passion bonus (ebook only): Scott Dinsmore of Live Your Legend has generously shared his ebook on creating a passionate career as a bonus for all Gold & Platinum members.
  8. Monthly expert webinars: Each month, we plan to have a live webinar (audio or video) featuring one of our fitness experts. The expert will talk about an essential fitness habit topic, and answer questions from users. Available to Gold & Platinum members.
  9. Bi-monthly Ask the Experts feature: Twice a month, Platinum members will be allowed to submit questions for one of our fitness experts, and the expert will do his or her best to answer the questions — answers will be posted for Platinum members only.
  10. Price: The prices listed are a one-time fee for access to the program for the duration listed for the level you buy. It’s not a recurring monthly membership fee. We are planning on adding a recurring fee to extend your membership later, at a lower price.