Discipline, Solved: A Bonus Ebook

By Leo Babauta

I’m very happy to share a new book I’ve written just for you, the members of Simple Fitness Habit.

It’s called “Discipline, Solved“.

It aims to help anyone with problems sticking to a new habit, or who needs help finding motivation for exercise and diet changes. It won’t solve all your discipline problems, of course (the title is a bit tongue-in-cheek), but I believe it will go a long way in that direction.

What will the book help with? Three main things:

1. It will show you some simple methods for sticking to a new habit.
2. It addresses common motivation problems, providing simple solutions.
3. It shows how to find motivation for exercise and diet.

In those three sections of this concise book, you’ll find a few common themes that run throughout. That’s intentional — the repetition of those themes emphasizes what I’ve found to be most effective, in my own habit changes and in helping thousands of others change habits.

The book is free, as a bonus when you join Simple Fitness Habit.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Sticking to a Habit
1. One Habit, Start Small
2. Reduce Barriers
3. Increasing Motivation & Accountability
4. Focus on the Process, Not the Goal
Part 2: Motivation Obstacles & Solutions
1. Too Much Going On
2. Sleep & Stress Problems
3. Depression
4. Discomfort
Part 3: Creating Motivation for Exercise & Diet
1. Have Compelling Reasons
2. Focus on Helping Others
3. Focus on Enjoyment
4. Get To, Not Have To
5. Accountability Partners
6. Accountability Team
7. Social Challenges
8. Crazy Consequences
9. Internal Motivations
10. Find Inspiration
11. Set the Bar Lower
12. Variety & New Challenges
13. Apps & Tools

Get the ebook when you join Simple Fitness Habit.