The Fitness Program That Sticks

The method crafted for Simple Fitness Habit to help you get fit and healthy has been honed over thousands of experiments with diet and fitness habits.

The Problem

Most fitness programs have good workout and diet plans, but they don’t give you the tools to actually stick to the program for more than two or three weeks. So you work hard for awhile, but you don’t see long-lasting changes.

The Solution

Simple Fitness Habit is built around a method for changing your eating and exercise habits, and making them stick. It’s built on a method that’s been proven to work.

A Unique Program

Some key differences between this fitness program and all others:

  • The Simple Fitness Habit Method - An incredibly effective user-tested technique for changing habits.
  • The Mindful Diet - Mindful eating is at the heart of our healthy eating program, one that is flexible and designed to work with any diet preferences, designed to beat the emotional triggers that beat most diets.
  • Powerful Experts - We’ve gathered an amazing group of 10 fitness experts to create a new program designed to create the habits that will get you to any fitness goal.
  • Live Forums - Get encouragement from other members making fitness changes to their lives.
  • Work At Your Own Pace - You do this program at your pace, not at the same time as everyone else. You start when you buy access to the course, and go at your pace, doing the parts that make sense to you … kind of a choose-your-own-adventure kind of thing.

The Benefits

  • Creates fitness and diet habits that last.
  • Gets you to your fitness goals: a flat stomach, strong body, and amazing overall health.
  • Shows you how to run your first half marathon.
  • Teaches you to build muscle with a great beginner’s program.
  • Helps you finally lose the last 10 lbs. and get lean and sexy.
  • Simplifies exercise and fitness to make it easier to stick to the program.
  • Helps you find motivation to form good habits.

What's Involved In the Course?

  • You’ll get articles and videos outlining the program, helping you form the habits that will get you to your goals.
  • We’ll ask you to pick very simple eating and exercises habits, and stick to them.
  • As you form your habits, you’ll log it daily.
  • You’ll join a forum where you can support each other’s changes and ask questions.

The Experts

  • Leo Babauta

    Leo Babauta of Zen Habits has completely changed his life since 2005, quitting smoking, started running, became vegan, began waking earlier, lost 70 lbs., simplified his life, eliminated his debt, wrote several books, and much more. He has helped thousands to change their habits.

  • JC Deen

    JC Deen of JCD Fitness is a fitness author who has written for numerous fitness sites (such as and has helped many people build muscle, lose fat, and look good naked. He teaches beginners how to build muscle in this program.

  • Matt Frazier

    Matt Frazier of No Meat Athlete has run in numerous marathons and ultramarathons, and helps people not only run better, but do so on plant fuel. He helps beginners run their first half marathon in this program.

  • Jules Clancy

    Jules Clancy of Stone Soup is a cooking author and blogger, and a food lover who adores her veggies. She teaches simple cooking methods and shares some wonderful, simple recipes in this program.

  • Scott Dinsmore

    Scott Dinsmore of Live Your Legend is passionate about helping people do work that lights them on fire, and has had great fitness habits for years. He shows you how to use the 30-day fitness challenge to make fitness fun and interesting.

  • Rog Lawson

    Rog Lawson of RogLaw Fitness is a dynamic fitness guru who helps people look good and feel great while having a helluva lot of fun. He shows you how to get sexy and lean, and lose those stubborn last 10 lbs.

  • Leigh Peele

    Leigh Peele is a nationally published author, trainer, and layman researcher. She enjoys focusing on individualism in success with fat loss and training, rather than dogmatic principle. She specializes in metabolic behavior, fat loss, and composition training.

  • Mark Sisson

    Mark Sisson of Mark’s Daily Apple teaches people about living a healthy lifestyle based on how humans have lived for most of their history. He’s the author of The Primal Blueprint.

  • Craig Ballantyne

    Craig Ballantyne is the founder of Turbulence Training and other bodyweight & kettlebell workout programs meant to reduce bodyfat and build muscle. He’s a long-time Men’s Health magazine training expert.

  • Chris Lopez

    Chris Lopez from is starting a movement of helping busy family men understand that a life of being fit and healthy doesn’t end when you become a father. Chris is also an RKC and StrongFirst Level II kettlebell trainer and teaches people how to get in shape at home through his other project at

What you'll get

  • Plans to achieve your fitness goal: We have plans for losing weight, gaining muscle, running a half marathon, getting lean, and staying healthy as you age.
  • Proven habit techniques: Leo Babauta has developed his habit technique through dozens of his own habit changes, and working with thousands of people changing their habits. He'll show you how to change habits in this course.
  • Accountability forums: You'll have access to forums we’ve set up to give you the ability to stay accountable for your habits. You can discuss the program content, any issues you’ve been facing, and join the monthly challenges for accountability. The forums are for the program users (you), and while we will have moderators, we don’t make any promises that the experts will be on the forums answering questions.
  • Recorded Expert webinars: Several recorded video webinars featuring our fitness experts are available to members. Experts talk about essential fitness habit topics, and answer questions from users. Other webinars are likely to be scheduled in the future as well.


  • Discipline, Solved: Leo Babauta wrote a short ebook just for the members of this program, on sticking to habits and finding motivation for exercise and diet changes. Read more.
  • Fitness Habits Bonus PDF: Leo Babauta has created a mini-ebook called “The 7 Fitness Habits That Changed My Life” … it will include his key habits, along with some key habits of other experts.
  • Marathon Roadmap Bonus Ebook: Matt Frazier of No Meat Athlete has generously agreed to share his ebook on marathon training as a bonus.
  • Live Off Your Passion bonus (ebook only): Scott Dinsmore of Live Your Legend has generously shared his ebook on creating a passionate career as a bonus.
  • The Kettlebell Barbell Hybrid Program ebook: Chris Lopez of it & Busy Dad has generously allowed us to include his ebook on powerful workouts that combine kettlebells and barbell training as a bonus.